Central Europe Regional Contest 2012
Kraków, November 16-18, 2012

Contest data

Problem statements, model solutions and judges' input/output:

Problem A - KingdomsPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem B - Who wants to live forever?PDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem C - Chemist's vowsPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem D - Non-boring sequencesPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem E - Word equationsPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem F - Farm and factoryPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem G - Jewel heistPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem H - DartsPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem I - The Dragon and the knightsPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem J - ConservationPDFInput/outputSolutions
Problem K - Graphic MadnessPDFInput/outputSolutions

All problem statements

All input/output data, model solutions and checkers (warning, 104 MB!)