Central Europe Regional Contest 2013
Kraków, November 15-17, 2013


These hotels agreed to keep rooms and give discount for CERC participants until selected deadlines. When booking, you should mention "ACM" to receive the discount. The locations of the hotels are shown on the map in Venue section. All prices include breakfast. The hotels are close to the competition site.

Hotel Sympozjum

Website: http://www.sympozjum.com.pl/en
Phone: +48122618600
Price: 200 zł/single, 220 zł/double room
Deadline: August 31/October 31 (they agreed to keep 80 rooms until August, 40 until October)
Hotel Ruczaj

Website: http://www.ruczajhotel.com.pl/en/index.php
Phone: +48122691000
Price: 150 zł/single, 220 zł/double, 290/3-person, 360/4-person room
Deadline: October 31
Aparthotel Vanilla

Website: http://www.aparthotelvanilla.pl/en
Phone: +48123540150
Price: 250zł/double room
Deadline: October 15